Tuning Tension: Letting it Go

A month ago I wrote an article for Tony Gentlicore where I mapped out ways in which you can elicit reflexive increases in muscular tension by simply focusing on what you do at three places in your body. You can read it in full HERE. This article is the other side of the coin; how […]


The respiratory effects on core stability and low back pain; the power in our breath. 

Both the pressures held to keep our body upright and the gases exchanged to keep our bodies going are intimately interwoven. Air moves in and out of our lungs to fuel and exhaust our cellular machine, and with it the pressures of our thorax and abdomen are effected. Both the driving muscles of respiration and core stabilization have a significant overlap, and with this there exists a complex connection between respiration and our bodies ability to hold itself up and against the challenges of our environment.